Ivacy is an amazing VPN provider having some high-end safety features and lightning-fast servers. It has 1,000 servers and unblocks any Kodi add-ons that show streaming errors.

In this guide, I have discussed how to install Ivacy VPN on Kodi, and later in the guide, I have showcased how to know if Ivacy VPN is working on Kodi.

Ivacy offers an affordable price, but more so, it keeps you secure over the internet or whenever you stream free content on Kodi.

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Is Ivacy VPN Compatible with Kodi?

Yes, Ivacy works great with Kodi as it completely hides your IP address which I will be showing you the proof how it does that.

Ivacy VPN also unblocks geo-restricted add-ons that only work in certain regions. You can just change the country server and it will start streaming any TV show from any country.

How to Use Kodi with Ivacy VPN

If you are using Kodi on Windows then you can follow these steps to install Ivacy VPN:

Step 1: Subscribe to Ivacy VPN

Step 2: Download and Install Ivacy app for your device


Step 3: Open Ivacy app and enter Username/Password


Step 4: Connect to any server i.e. US server or Singapore server


Step 5: Now Launch Kodi


Step 6: Start watching your favorite content with your IP hidden


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Video: How to Use Kodi with Ivacy VPN

How Do I Know if Ivacy is Working on Kodi?

#1 Open Kodi and click on Add-ons tab


#2 Scroll down to select ‘Download’


#3 Now click on Program Add-ons from the list


#4 Find and click on DNS Leak-Test addon


#5 Select Install


#6 Click OK


#7 Now Open DNS Leak Test Addon


#8 It will show you the current IP address and you can check the status if DNS is leaking


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Ivacy Features for Kodi Users

Here is a look at some of the features of Ivacy VPN:

256-bit Encryption: This VPN offers up to 256-bit encryption that keeps your internet traffic completely private. It keeps cybercriminals at bay.

No-Log Policy: Ivacy VPN does NOT keep any logs. Meaning, your data is never sold to third-parties which doesn’t make them aware of your online habits.

Buffer-free Streaming: Whenever you try to stream on Kodi, you won’t find any buffering issues once you are connected to Ivacy VPN. It has fast-speed servers that do not slow down your speed.

Defeats ISP Throttling: If your ISP knows that you are streaming free Movies and TV Shows on Kodi, it would throttle your speed and you will find buffering issues. But if you connect to Ivacy’s secure servers, ISPs will never know what you are streaming and they won’t be able to throttle speed.

Internet Kill Switch: This feature will kill your internet whenever Ivacy connection drops. It is an extra layer of protection that keeps your IP anonymous.

5 Multi-Logins: With a single Ivacy account, you connect to 5 multiple devices. This means you’re free to stream Kodi content on any device.

Now that you have found out the various features of Ivacy, there is more for you in our best Kodi VPN guide.


Ivacy VPN on Kodi is a very decent option for all Kodi users because it has all the important security features like kill switch, 256-encryption, and more.

Ivacy will enable you to access various blocked services like Disney+, HULU, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and other addons that are geo-restricted.

Moreover, it will protect you from ISP throttling, allowing you to enjoy seamless streaming.

With its high-speed servers, you will be able to stream without any buffering issues through a single click.