Are you a streaming lover and wondering where you can stream all the new Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with Indian TV shows, Netflix content and Live Sports? You can have it all on a single platform i.e. HotStar. Follow this guide to see how to watch HotStar and enjoy the best streaming experience. Don`t forget to read our ultimate kodi addons and kodi vpn guides.



What is HotStar?


HotStar is the most popular and largest Indian platform for online VOD streaming. It features popular movies, TV shows and sports from all around the world. A large number of online streamers in India use HotStar to stream IPL games, watch movies and other Indian TV shows. There are very limited reliable and high quality Mobile entertainment platforms available nowadays. It has been 3 years since HotStar was launched and till date it has been successful in attracting online streaming audience.

Certain content can be downloaded from the HotStar site. By certain content, we mean some of the old content that might not be in the trend anymore. One more thing to understand is that the videos from HotStar can only be downloaded on Mobile and tablet devices, not on any laptop or PC.

You can watch your favorite movies on-demand on HotStar in India, US, and Canada. Recently, it was available in every region, but now it has been geo-restricted.


Which Countries is HotStar available in ?

As stated earlier, HotStar is available in India, Canada and US. However, If you are using a VPN service, you can access it from anywhere in the world but by only connecting to a server of the above mentioned countries.

how to watch hotstar


How to Unblock / Watch HotStar Outside India With VPN

HotStar is a geo-restricted site and the content available on this website cannot be accessed from anywhere other than India, US and Canada. Therefore, if you are trying to access Hotstar from any other region, a VPN service will be required for bypassing restrictions.

A VPN service will allow you to connect to servers in unrestricted regions and hence it will hide your IP, fabricating it with the above-mentioned country’s IP address. Using a VPN is very easy as all you have to do is simply connect to a remote server and then surf the web for accessing anything that was restricted.



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How To Watch HotStar in USA Without VPN

HotStar was previously not available in any region other than India but recently it has expanded its regions such as US and Canada. Therefore, users wishing to access HotStar in USA can easily do so without using any VPN. HotStar can be easily accessed in USA without VPN by simply going to the URL “”. This is the official domain extension provided by HotStar for the USA region.


How To Watch HotStar Outside India on PC

In order to watch HotStar outside India on PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the VPN application > Login to your VPN service.
  2. Now connect to an India region server.
  3. Open your browser > Type this URL:
  4. Sign-in to your HotStar account and start watching your favorite movies and TV shows in HD quality.


How To Stream HotStar on iPad and iPod

The best thing about HotStar is that it has a dedicated application for iOS. Therefore, the users of can easily watch HotStar on iPad and iPod.

  1. Open the iTunes app store > Search for HotStar > Click on the HotStar app > Download it.
  2. After the installation is complete, open the App.
  3. Login the application using your HotStar credentials > Now stream whatever you wish to watch on your iPad and iPod.


Watch HotStar in Canada

HotStar was recently made accessible in Canada and a dedicated domain was launched for HotStar users in Canada. The domain that was launched for HotStar in Canada is “”. No VPN or proxy servers are required for accessing the HotStar site and app in Canada. Just open the above mentioned swebsite on your browser and sign-up for the services of HotStar.


How to Watch HotStar in UK

Though HotStar is available in US and Canada other than India, still it is not officially available in UK. Despite having some great online streaming service comparable to HotStar like Netflix and Hulu accessible in UK, this one is restricted to stream in this region. One of the most amazing fact to keep in notice is that there is a large number if Indians residing in UK. So, judging by that fact, you can wonder how much they would love to stream their native content and not only that, many English people like to watch the Bollywood content just like the Indians love Hollywood.

You can only access HotStar in UK, by using a VPN. To watch your favorite content on HotStar in UK just change your current IP location from UK to Indian region and access HotStar easily.

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Therefore, to access HotStar in UK, you will have to use a VPN service because the content you try to stream without it from UK IP will not play but rather a playback error will occur. Nevertheless, if you have a VPN service active and you are connected to an Indian server, you will be able to watch your favorite content on HotStar. The VPN service you choose should be reliable and quick enough to help you stream the content seamlessly.


How to Watch HotStar App in Arab countries

HotStar is a great Media streaming platform that has a variety of new and trending content. Alas, it is not available in the Arab countries. Countries like UAE, Dubai, Saudi, Oman, and Qatar prefer streaming the Indian content a lot but they are unable to because of the geo-restrictions of this site. HotStar fans in these countries can easily watch HotStar TV shows by using HotStar proxy or VPN service.

Using Proxy or VPN, they will be able to enjoy HotStar live streaming and HotStar TV shows (Which are so hyped all over the world).


How to Watch HotStar in Pakistan

Fans of HotStar TV shows are in a large number in the neighboring country of India i.e. Pakistan. The people of Pakistan love to watch Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows. Unfortunately, HotStar is restricted in Pakistan and the only way to watch HotStar live streaming or Movies and TV shows is by bypassing the geo-restrictions through a VPN or HotStar Proxy.

HotStar Download

HotStar applications are available for multiple mobile platforms like Android device and iOS based devices e.g. iPhone. For Android devices r mobile phones, you can easily download it via Google Play Store and you can also download the apk files of HotStar available online. Whereas, for iOS based devices like iPhone and iPad, you can download it through the iTubes App store from your device.

HotStar Signup

The content available on HotStar is of high quality and streams buffer-free without lagging. However, everything great has a price and that is why users need to subscribe first by choosing a payment plan. HotStar is just a competitor of Netflix and Hulu and that is why the content it broadcasts is not free.

Which Countries is HotStar available in ?

HotStar offers 3 different payment plans to choose from and the best thing about these payment plans is that they all are reasonably priced. To sign-up for the HotStar service, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “”.
  2. Select your desired payment plan.
  3. Enter your details i.e. Name, Email Address and Password.
  4. Enter your credit card details.
  5. Confirm the details.
  6. Enjoy watching your favorite shows on HotStar.


Stream Hot Star With Subtitles

HotStar does not offer subtitles for every video that is available on its platform but some videos already have subtitles on for them. However, you can still check for subtitles by going to the video options and checking the CC option, by enabling it you can enable subtitles.


How To Watch HotStar With Jio TV Live App

Users of Jio sim and Jio TV Live app can easily use HotStar live streaming and movies features but this is limited to the Indian content only. One more thing, Jio users will still have to subscribe to HotStar India before they can start streaming on HotStar.


Free VPN for HotStar

There are numerous free VPNs and HotStar proxy servers available online but we do not usually recommend the users to try these free VPN because of their vulnerability. A free VPN will effect your streaming as the free VPN servers are used by millions of people around the world. Hence lower response time for streaming resulting in a lot of buffering. However, here are a few suggestions for you:

  1. ZenMate
  2. Browsec
  3. Hola
  4. Hidemyass
  5. Spyoff
  6. Tunnel Bear
  7. Security Kiss
  8. ProtonVPN
  9. Speedify
  10. X-VPN


How to Download Movies and TV Shows Videos from HotStar

HotStar India does not allow users to download movies and TV shows from its platform. However, certain content that is old or is no longer trending can be downloaded from HotStar. When you open or search video, you will be seeing a shaft icon over it. Click on it and you will have the download option in front of you.

One thing to understand over here is that you cannot download any video from HotStar on your PC; you can only do it on your mobile device or tablets.


Watch Latest HotStar TV Shows / Series and Movies

watch Hotstar outside India

HotStar India offers all the latest TV shows, Movies and sports action on a single platform at a very reasonable price and in High quality. Simply subscribe to HotStar and you can watch whatever you crave for and whatever is new and trending. It has both the Indian content and the western content as well as movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.


How to Watch HotStar on TV

You can watch HotStar on your TV by a method called sideloading but it only works on Android TV. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to ES File Explorer (Install ES file explorer first if you have not already installed it).
  2. Open Play Store on your TV > Search “Sideload Launcher for Android TV” and Install it.
  3. Go to Home Screen > Open Apps > Open Sideload Launcher App.
  4. Click on ES File Explorer.
  5. Go to Network > Click on Remote Manager > Turn ON to receive the FTP address.
  6. Now from your PC or laptop, enter the FTP address in a web browser > Your TV and computer will now be connected together.
  7. Now transfer APK File from your computer to your TV.
  8. After that, Turn OFF Network Sharing > Open Downloads.
  9. Click on HotStar from the list > Click Install > Enjoying using HotStar.


Watch HotStar Vijay TV

To watch Vijay TV serials on HotStar, simply go the channels section and choose Vijay TV. Over there you will see all the shows aired in Vijay TV and you can easily choose from them and stream. Using HotStar is that easy!


HotStar on Roku

Roku is a state-of-the-art streaming device developed and manufactured by Roku Inc. It is indeed one of the most preferred streaming device for using services like Netflix and Hulu because the streaming experience offered by it is unmatchable. For all the HotStar fans wondering whether HotStar is available n Roku, you should be happy that it is available on the Roku channel store. Simply go the Roku channel store, install the HotStar channel on your Roku device and enjoy streaming.


Final Remarks

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HotStar are what every entertainment and streaming geeks love to have. HotStar is an amazing streaming service, it has surely not only given competition to Netflix, and Hulu but it has went a step further by promoting Indian content. The variety it has provided is surely greater than other streaming services. It even offers live sports streaming, which is a great thing.