How to Watch Asian Games 2018 Live Online Free Streaming Without Cable

The biggest event in the Asia continent’s history is back again after 4 years and this year it will be better than ever. You can watch Asian games live on your home and office or wherever you are by following this guide. It has all the details that you want to know so take a thorough walk through this guide.

Make sure you watch the Asian games live because missing any live sports event is not affordable!


Introduction to Asian Games

Asian games is a sports event in which competitors from all over Asia participate and compete in 42 different sports categories. Asian games happen every four years and the last event was held in September of 2014 and now it will be held this year on 18th August.

Sports fans will witness 484 games from 42 sports categories in this 16 days event. Out of these, 28 sports are Olympics contested sports categories. All of the 45 countries of Asia that participate in Olympics will be taking part in this competition.


Asian Games Opening Ceremony

How to Watch Asian Games 2018 Live Online Free Streaming Without Cable

The opening ceremony of the 18th Asian games will be held on 18 September at GBK main stadium in Jakarta. This opening ceremony will be one of a kind, as the world will witness the colors and culture of Indonesia. Indonesia is amongst the Asian countries filled with cultural history and traditions and all of the tradition will surely be reflected in the opening ceremony.

opening ceremony asian games streaming

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Popular Indonesian singer Anggun, and many other singers like Raisa, Tulus, Edo Kondologit, Putri Ayu, Fatin, GAC, Kamasean and Via Vallen will be performing live in the opening ceremony.

how to watch asian games opening ceremony

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The organizers have also announced the details of the stage and we are sure that viewers will surely fall in love with it. Here are a few details of the event stage:

  1. Length: 120-meter
  2. Width: 30-meter
  3. Height: 26-meter

On its background, it will have a beautiful mountain, decorated with special Indonesian flowers and plants. Judging by this we can imagine that it will surely be beautiful.

How to Watch Asian Games Live Online on Kodi

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Asian Games 2018 Calendar Schedule

Following is the schedule of all the games and their competition categories.

C – Event Competition
M – Medal Competition

Week 1 Asian Games Schedule

August 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Aquatics – Swimming M M M M M M
Aquatics – Water polo C C M C C C
Archery C C C C C
Athletics M
Badminton C C C
Baseball – Baseball C
Baseball – Softball C C C C M
Basketball – 5 x 5 C C C C C C C
Basketball – 3 x 3 C C C C
Bowling M M C M
Boxing C C
Bridge C C C C
Canoeing – Slalom M M
Canoeing – Sprint C
Canoeing – Traditional boat race C C M
Cycling – BMX (race) M
Cycling – Mountain bike M M
Cycling – Road M M M
Equestrian – Dressage M C M
Equestrian – Eventing C C
Fencing M M
Football C C C C C C
Golf C C C M
Gymnastics – Artistic M M M M M
Handball C C C C C
Field hockey C C C C C C C
Jet ski M M M
Kabaddi C C C C C M
Karate M M M
Martial arts – Kurash M M M M
Martial arts – Pencak silat C C C C C M
Martial arts – Wushu M M M M M
Paragliding C C C M C
Rowing C C C C M M
Sailing C C C
Sepak Takraw C C M C C C C
Shooting M M M M M
Sports climbing C C C C C M
Squash C C C
Table tennis C
Tennis C C C C M C C
Volleyball – Beach C C C C C C C
Volleyball – Indoor C C C C C C C
Weightlifting M M M M M M M

Asian Games Week 2 Schedule


August/September 26 27 28 29 30 31 1
Aquatics – Diving M M M M M
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming M M M
Aquatics – Water polo C C C C C C M
Archery C M M
Athletics M M M M M
Badminton M C C C C M M
Baseball – Baseball C C C C C C C
Basketball – 5 x 5 C C C C C M
Basketball – 3 x 3 M
Bowling C M M M
Boxing C C C C C M
Bridge M C C C C C C
Canoeing – Sprint C C M M C M M
Cycling – BMX (freestyle) M
Cycling – Track M M M M M M
Equestrian – Eventing M
Equestrian – Jumping M M
Fencing M M M M
Football C C C M
Gymnastics – Rhythmic M M
Gymnastics – Trampoline M
Handball C C C M M
Field hockey C C C M M
Jet ski M
Judo M M M M
Martial arts – Jujitsu M M M M
Martial arts – Pencak silat M
Martial arts – Sambo M M M
Modern pentathlon M M
Paragliding C C M C C C M
Roller sports – Roller skating C M
Roller sports – Skateboarding C M
Rugby sevens C M
Sailing C C C C M
Sepak Takraw C M C C C C M
Shooting M M
Squash C M C C C C M
Table tennis C M C C C M M
Taekwondo M M M M M
Tennis C C M M
Tennis – Soft tennis C M M M M
Triathlon M M
Volleyball – Beach C M M
Volleyball – Indoor C C C C C M M
Weightlifting M
Wrestling M M M M M

How to watch Asian Games Jakarta Palembang Live Online

We know you would be eager to know how to watch Asian games aka Jakarta Palembang online and that is why we have listed a few options with their specific regions (where they are broadcasting) for your convenience:

Broadcaster Region
Dentsu Japan Indian Subcontinent
Cable TV / Cable i-Apps Hong Kong
Emtek Group, SCM, SCTV Indonesia


How to Watch Asian Games Live Online on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi > Go to settings by clicking on the “Gear Icon” > Click on File Manager.
  2. Double Click on Add Source > Click where it says ‘None’ > Now enter this URL > Click OK.
  3. Name this URL as UK Repo > Click OK > Click OK again to close the dialogue box.
  4. Return to your Kodi home and click on Addons tab > Click on the Package installer icon.
  5. Now Click Install from zip file > Scroll the list and click on UK Repo > Now select > Wait for the notification.
  6. Now click on Install from repository > Open UKTurk Addon Repository > Go to Video Add-ons > Select UK Turk Playlist > Click Install > Wait for the notification.
  7. Once UK Turk > Go to Sports > Select BeIN sports and watch the Asian games live.

See this ultimate kodi addons guide for watching sports and other channels.

How to watch Asian games in USA, UK and Canada

Many sports fans living in USA, UK, have made a serious concern, Canada that there are no proper broadcasters for Asian games broadcasting in their regions, and therefore they are confused how to watch Asian games in their regions.

This is a reasonable and understandable concern and let me provide you an easy way out of this problem. Simply, buy a suitable plan of a reliable Kodi VPN and connect to any server from these three regions:

  1. India
  2. Indonesia
  3. Hong Kong

Once you have connected to the server from these regions, try accessing the channels that are broadcasting the Asian games live online (mentioned above earlier). That is the simplest solution I can provide you with and trust me it works!

Other than this, you can try your luck but I will not guarantee whether there is any other US or UK based service streaming Asian games online.

You can try Sling TV and BeIN Sports but then again, no promises!


Final Words

Asian games will kick off in 2 days and the fans cannot hold their excitement. The whole world has its eyes on this continental games event. Players from all over Asia have reached Jakarta, Indonesia and they will surely be working hard and preparing for winning for their countries pride.

All the broadcasters and event schedule details are elaborated in this guide to help you watch Asaid games live wherever you are. For the ones living in US, UK and Canada, having a VPN will be very helpful for you guys, so make sure you have your VPN plans renewed and running.


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