How to Install Schism TV Build on Kodi Krypton And Jarvis

Schism TV Build is a popular All-In-One Kodi Build and has a total of seven Builds that can be switched by changing the skin. We provide an easy way on how to install Schism TV Build on Kodi where you can get many popular add-ons in one place. When installed, you can stream movies, TV shows, Kids content, you name it everything is available.

Since many years Schism TV has created top builds for Kodi which has made it the most respected builders in the Kodi world. However, for certain reason Schism TV could not maintain the project. Currently, Schism TV Build project rests with Drimitology that have carried the development of the project with smooth sailing.

Here is the new method of installing Schism TV Build on Kodi with a step-by-step guide:

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How to Install Schism TV on Kodi Krypton Version 17

  1. Open Kodi > Go to Settings on the Kodi Home Screen > File to install schism tv on kodi
  2. Double click on Add Source > Click on <None> Type and click OK > Type the name of the media source Dimitrology and click to install schism tv build on kodi kryption version 17
  3. Go back to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Click on Installation Package icon present on the top left to install schism tv addon kodi krypton version 17
  4. Install from zip file > Select Dimitrology > Select zip file schism kodi krypton version 17
  5. Wait for the Add-on to enable > Now your wizard is ready to install.schism build Dimitrology TV
  6. Go back to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Click on Dimitrology TV > Press Install/Update > A pop-up box will appear that will ask for a code, click OK.schism kodi build code
  7. You can get the code from > Every few hours a new code is created > Enter the code in the new box that appears.schism settings on kodi krypton version 17
  8. Click Install/Update again > Select Schism TV All in One Krypton Ed version 0.6 > Click Yes.dimitrology wizard kodi krypton version 17
  9. Click on Full Install > Go grab a snack until it download Schism TV Build.schism download wizard on kodi krypton version 17
  10. Once the installation is completed you might want to force close Kodi and Power-off if required.
  11. Now Open Kodi > Go to Settings > Interface Settings > Click on Skin which is present on the left bar > Select any Schism Skin you want > Click Yes.schism tv build skin on kodi krypton version 17
  12. Enjoy all the latest collection of movies, TV shows, Kids content, and many more.

how to add schism tv build kodi krypton version 17 final step


How to Install Schism on Kodi Jarvis Version 16

Installing Schism TV on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 follows the same procedure as it was implemented on Kodi Krypton Version 17. However, due to Kodi version upgrade there is a slight change in the layout of the previous Kodi version which you need to consider before installation.

In Kodi Krypton, the ‘Settings’ key is represented by a small icon which is placed at the center left. In Kodi Jarvis, the ‘Settings’ key is represented by ‘System’ and does not have an icon. Apart from these minor changes, the steps remain the same.

So, if you need to install Schism TV Build on Kodi Jarvis Version 16, you will have to follow same steps as described in the above step-by-step guide.

Schism is a great build but there are more best kodi builds to help you stream unlimited entertainment.


Schism TV Build New Code (Schism code for Kodi)

You cannot access to Schism TV Build code installation unless you type a specific code that can be available here. Schism TV code for Kodi gets updated every hour for reasons unknown, but once you get a code you can enter it during the installation process.

schism current code tv build kodi

If by any chance your code does not work, refresh the page where it will show you the new code and enter where it requires.


Schism TV Anniversary Build

Schism TV Anniversary Build was another Build for Kodi that became popular during its inception. It was a lighter version with only 170MB size as compared to 264MB size of Schism TV Build. Since Schism TV project is shifted to Dimitrology, this Build does not work anymore.

Hope Dimitrology brings back Schism TV Anniversary Build soon enough for its desperate fans. By that time, you can easily install Schism TV Build on Kodi.


To Add Things Up

Schism TV Build is a popular choice amongst new Kodi users who are not accustomed to download many popular add-ons. Schism TV Build combines these add-ons in one place where Kodi users can stream movies, TV shows, Kids content, and other All-In-One entertainment content. Although, it is to remain certain that Schism TV Build code changes after every hour. This code is required for installing Schism TV Build on Kodi.

Hope you enjoy every bit of it!

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