Streaming your favorite content directly is now possible through Plexus add-on for Kodi. Plexus is a third-party peer to peer streaming add-on that is free. It enables the users to stream their favorite content easily. But installing third party kodi add-ons, sometimes becomes a hassle for the new users. You will be guided how to install plexus on Kodi step by step in this blog.

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This is a detailed installation guide to explain you how to use plexus kodi addon on different operating systems. After going through his guide, you’ll be able to access the Plexus streams easily.



How to Install Plexus on Kodi Krypton Version 17 or Higher

  1. Run Kodi application. Click on the settings icon present in the left hand to install plexus on kodi
  2. Several options will appear, choose “File Manager”.how to install plexus on kodi krypton version 17 or higher
  3. A new window will appear, select “Add source” from the left hand to add plexus on kodi
  4. When the add source window prompts, double click on the row showing “<None>”.plexus kodi setup
  5. Over here, enter the link “” and click “Ok”.plexus kodi settings
  6. Now enter the name “ares”, click “Ok”.plexus kodi configuration
  7. Once the link and name are entered, click Ok again and you’ll return to the File Manager.add file source plexus kodi download zip url
  8. Now go back to Kodi’s home screen and click Add-ons.plexus kodi not working
  9. Now look at the top of the left hand column, a box icon will be appearing. Click on that box icon.Click on “Install from zip file” and click on “ares”.plexus ares
  10. It’ll display some kodi repositories, click on “repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zipplexus kodi addon
  11. Now wait till the repository is installed, a message will appear after installation. Once the notification appears, click on “Install from repository”.plexus kodi down
  12. Now choose “Ares Project”.plexus streaming
  13. Wait for the add-on enabled message. Click on “Program add-ons”.how to install plexus on kodi jarvis version 16 or below
  14. Choose “Plexus”. Click “Install”.install plexus from tvaddons
  15. Wait for “add-on enabled” notification”. Once the notification appears, you can access plexus streams.plexus kodi jarvis 16


How to Install Plexus for Kodi Jarvis Version 16 Or Below:

  1. Run Kodi application.
  2. Click SYSTEM and open File Manager.
  3. Click on “Add Source”.
  4. Click on the row stating “<None>”.
  5. Enter the link “” and click “Done”.
  6. Name this link as “ares” and click “Ok”.
  7. Return to Kodi’s home screen.
  8. Click “System”.
  9. Click on “Add-Ons”.
  10. From this widow click “Install from zip file”.
  11. Click on “ares”.
  12. Choose “”.
  13. The repository will be installed, you’ll have to wait till “Add-on enabled” notification appears.
  14. Click on “Install from repository”.
  15. Choose “Ares Project”.
  16. Click on “Program add-ons”.
  17. Click on “Plexus”.
  18. Click Install.
  19. Wait for the notification “add-on enabled” to appear.
  20. There you have it, Plexus is now installed.


How to Install Plexus on Kodi MAC:

  1. Before I tell you how to use plexus on Kodi, you should first know how to install Kodi on Mac. Following are the steps for installing Kodi on Mac:
  2. Download Kodi for Mac from “.
  3. Open the Kodi disk image.
  4. Install the software on your Mac by dragging and dropping the Kodi icon into the Applications folder.
  5. Run the Kodi application.
  6. A message may prompt up stating that this app cannot be launched as it is from an “unidentified developer”.
  7. Open Security & Privacy settings and “Allow applications downloaded from:
  8. That’s it! Kodi will run and can be used accordingly.
  9. Now the procedure for installing Plexus on Kodi is similar to the ones discussed above. You may refer to them for accessing Plexus streams.


Plexus Kodi Fixes/Not Working/Errors/Issues:

Plexus kodi addon usually have a lot of issues in their installation or usage. Some of the issue may be:


Plexus Kodi Installation Failed

There are certain issues coming up while installing Plexus on Kodi due to the source file errors. As this is a third party add-on, the source links keep blocking up or their servers go down usually. Most of the users trying to install Plexus use the source “”. This source was shut down a few months ago and was later republished. The users face installation problems due to the obsolete source links.



For dealing with such installation issues, you should know first check the current; updated links that are live. Currently, and are live sources and can be used to install Plexus on Kodi without facing any problem.


Plexus Kodi Stream Lagging

Slow browsing and stream lags are a major issue with online streaming platforms. They might persist time to time, creating an irritating situation for the user.



This problem can easily be resolved by installing Ares wizard. Go to program add-ons and install Ares Wizard. Once you’ve installed Ares Wizard, you can clear your cache and thumbnails. This will resolve the problem and your browsing and streaming will run perfectly Or get this working best kodi wizards.


Plexus Kodi Out-of-Date Repositories

Most of the time, you will face issues installing the add-ons after installing the zip file. Multiple repositories are offered to install from but you might get confused in choosing from them.



The best way to choose the correct repository is to see which one of them is the updated one. Choose the latest version from the list to install the add-on. Ares Project 0.1.7 is the latest repository to install Plexus add-on from. Check our guide on how to unblock repositories using kodi vpn.


Wrapping it All Up

Summing it all up, installing Plexus on Kodi is not much of a hassle. Although it is a lengthy process but still the experience that Kodi provides is worth it, especially when it comes to Plexus. The procedure of installing Kodi on Plexus is almost similar at every platform. The issues that arise while installing happen because these are third party add-ons and are not official so their support isn’t always available or not up to the mark. Similarly, the repositories keep shutting down, causing trouble while installation. However, I have completed all the aspects elaborately to help you enjoy the Plexus experience. In the end I would recommend you to always use a Kodi VPN service in order to ensure your privacy and secure yourself.