GVideo Kodi is a service that provides HD quality streaming links to the Kodi users on multiple Kodi addons. Users can find GVideo links on add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, and Neptune Rising etc. These links are not just of high quality but they are also very fast in terms of streaming speed. A lot of times Kodi users are exposed to kodi not working or Gvideo not working errors.


What is GVideo on Kodi

GVideo links are the HD quality video streaming links available on Kodi. These links are usually available in all the major streaming IPTV Kodi add-ons. However, these links are posted without the authority of the content owners meaning that these links are pirated. GVideo links are highly reliable in terms of their speed and quality.


How GVideo Streams Source Links Works on Kodi

GVideo is powered by Google and due to its largest server network it scraps all the HD file links on its server and provides them to add-ons. These links work great because of the good download and upload speed of the host.


Why GVideo Kodi Links Not Working/Streaming

Due to recent policy implications by Google, GVideo links were taken down by Google even though it backed these links. However, intellectual property theft issues appeared and Google banned all the GVideo links. Some GVideo links might still be available in a few add-ons but we are not sure whether they will be working or not.


Does GVideo Links Works on Leia Beta 18 Version?

Well, almost no add-on works properly on the Kodi Leia Beta version. The reason is so obvious, it is a Beta version and the add-ons would install but it will keep on crashing or errors will keep on popping.
As for GVideo, the links are not accessible anymore and so it will not work on Kodi Leia Beta in any way.


GVideo Kodi Errors

Since there is a limitation/ban imposed by Google on Gvideo links, users might not be able to find any links on Kodi through any add-on. Nevertheless, users can access it via these three fixes:


How to Fix GVideo Not WorkingĀ  – 1st Method

You can use a good quality Kodi VPN to unlock the GVideo streaming links on Kodi. VPN would help you to protect your privacy by hiding your regional location. Thus, you might be able to access the geo-restricted streams that are not banned or erased by Google due to the issues with DMCA.


How to Fix GVideo Kodi – 2nd Method

Another way of fixing the Gvideo links is using the URL resolver. This add-on operates at the back-end of Kodi and fixes the obsolete URLs. This will help you to fix the available URLs that are not working and showing errors like No streams available etc. These links would be fixed and you will be able to access them by the help of URL resolver.

This can also help you in connecting to the available functioning stream links of GVideo that are not banned by Google.


How to fix GVideo Not Working – 3rd Method

The basic fix in such cases is to try re-installing the Kodi add-on you are using. It is possible that you will find some Gvideo streams after re-installing the add-on. The add-ons keep on updating time to time. Therefore, in that updating process, the GVideo links might also update and you might be able to access them.


GVideo Kodi Reviews

Soon after the news, regarding the GVideo crackdown by Google came out, the whole Kodi community drowned in sorrow. Every Kodi user took it to the forums like Reddit to express their opinions in this matter. Look at some of these threads:

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Final Words

Despite GVideo Kodi links being the highly recommended video streaming links, their piracy nature is what keeps them vulnerable. DMCA does not allow such pirated content to go online and thus Google has been forced to limit support to this service.