Do you need a VPN for Kodi

Yes, you need a VPN for Kodi due to 5 various reasons that I have addressed in this blog, for clearing this ambiguity for the last time. This is a very common question asked by new Kodi users because they are not aware of the threats and risk in the virtual realm.

Follow this guide to understand better why having a VPN is important for Kodi users and other aspects related to it.

What does the term Kodi VPN actually mean?

Kodi VPN is a term used by Kodi users, for any VPN that can be used for streaming on Kodi. Online streamers can easily install VPN for Kodi and enjoy binge watching without any hassle.

There are numerous Kodi VPN services available today but not all of them can be trusted and used. Reason being, many of the service providers make high claims but are unable to deliver them.

You can refer to our Best Kodi VPN guide to learn more about the reliable service providers and to see how to install a VPN on Kodi.

Why do you need a VPN for Kodi?

If you are a newbie then you might be wondering why you get to see things related to VPN when you search for anything related to Kodi. By now, you would have started thinking, “do I need a VPN for Kodi”?

I understand your concern because everyone goes through that process of uncertainty. However, I can assure you that you will get the answer to this after knowing these 5 reasons, why a VPN is important for Kodi users:

5 Reasons why You need a VPN for Kodi

1.      To Protect your Online Privacy

Online privacy is everyone’s right, which has become vulnerable over the time with numerous privacy infringement reports coming in on daily basis. Online streamers are no longer safe from authorities’ surveillance, ISP spying etc. If you do not have an end-to-end encrypted connection, then you are highly vulnerable and chances are that someone is spying on your online activity.

A VPN encrypts your traffic and masks you IP and DNS in such a manner that it provides the user complete anonymity over the web. This is why it is highly recommended for online streamers to secure their connection in order to stay safe.

2.      To Bypass ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is a very common thing, as you will usually see people complaining about buffering and lagging issues. ISPs can control the bandwidth of the server, causing issues for users trying to stream.

To enjoy seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience, use a VPN. Its server will be secure and your ISP will no longer be able to control your bandwidth, as your traffic will be routing through that server.

3.      To bypass Geo-restrictions and Access blocked content

Many online streaming platforms are geo-restricted, means they cannot be accessed outside their designated regions. For example, services like HULU, Sling TV, and Disney+ etc. are accessible in US only. Moreover, Netflix has a different library for every region it is available in but its US library is highly popular because of its amazing content. You cannot access this library outside US without a VPN, not even on Kodi.

Similarly, many Kodi addons, streams and services, especially the IPTV add-ons, are geo-restricted on Kodi. To access these platforms and streams you will need a reliable VPN, which will mask your IP and will bypass the restrictions.

In addition, services like Netflix, Disney+ and HULU have smart VPN blockers, which can detect whether you are using a VPN or not. These VPN blockers match your IP address and your DNS and if there is a conflict, then you will be blocked. These services black list the servers they block, so that no one could use them further.

This is why you should always choose from the top VPN service providers because they have reliable servers. When you use a VPN service that is reliable, you will not face any sort of issues. However, if you tend to try a free VPN service then chances of disappointment are there and high.

4.      To enjoy better downloading and Uploading Speed

If you choose from the best VPN providers, you can enjoy smooth streaming experience without any lags. The servers of top VPN providers offer high downloading and uploading speeds, which are optimal for streaming.  Moreover, these servers will be secure and you will get great bandwidth without any pings.

5.      To protect yourself from Malware and Cyber-threats

Having an encrypted connection not only protects you from spying eyes but it also protects you from cyber threats like Hacking, DDoS attacks etc. These are some of the common threats nowadays and protection against them is necessary.

Almost everyone online, having an unprotected connection is vulnerable to these threats. People making online transactions, shopping online or simply just surfing the web, all are at risk of such threats. However, online streamers get the bitter of it because during streaming, high volume of data packets is exchanged between the servers.

Is there a Kodi VPN Addon?

Yes! There are KodiVPN addons. You might have come across guides telling you that there are no Kodi addons of VPN providers. Do not let them misguide you, as there are VPN providers offering dedicated Kodi addons like PureVPN and Ivacy.

On the other hand, some VPN services do not have an addon but you can use them on Kodi through OpenVPN addon. This is the best thing about Kodi that you can integrate a VPN on it for streaming.

Another thing, some VPN providers like SurfShark support Kodi but do not offer a dedicated Kodi addon or integration through OpenVPN addon.

You can use them by installing their desktop client and running them in the background. These VPN providers work equally fine and will not cause any hassle for you, unless you are not using an unreliable provider.


I hope that you would have understood why you need a VPN for Kodi and what its importance is. As the online streaming scene is developing, the restrictions and the threats are also growing. In this dynamic environment, netizens need to be very careful, well informed and well equipped.

Using an unsecure network means compromising your privacy and leaving a door open for other to infringe it. Therefore, use a VPN whenever you are using Kodi or even streaming through an online platform. It will not only protect you but it will also provide you a great experience while streaming.