Have you ever noticed similar streaming link providers in different Kodi Add-ons and wondered if all addons have the same hosts?

Well, the reason behind those recurring streaming links is the Kodi URL Resolver that is working in the background and providing you the best streaming links by discarding the weak or unusable links. You can use URL resolver with the best Kodi VPN app and ensure more smooth streaming. Get to know more about it and its installation procedure by going through this brief guide.


What is Kodi URL Resolver?

Kodi URL Resolver is a script tool that works in the background and fetches streaming links from the media hosting sites. It improves and enhances the streaming experience on Kodi by providing high quality and reliable streaming links.

Almost every add-on has a URL resolver that allows it to provide better hosts for streaming content. URL resolvers save the time of add-on developers because without it, developers will have to compile all the resolvers by themselves, which will be a hectic thing to do.


Why do I need the URL Resolver?

If you wish to improve your streaming experience and get rid of links that do not work, you will need the URL resolver. Not only will it remove those dysfunctional links, but it will also provide you with reliable working links through good sources.


Kodi URL Resolver installation steps

  1. Start off by downloading the Kodi URL Resolver Zip file from this URL  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kodil/kodil/master/repo/script.module.urlresolver/script.module.urlresolver-3.0.13.zip (paste it in your browser)
  2. Open Kodi.
  3. Click on the Add-ons tab from the left hand menu.
  4. Click on the Box icon located above on the left hand corner.
  5. Select Install from Zip file option.
  6. Browse to the path where you downloaded the zip file and open it.
  7. The zip file will be loaded and installed.


How to update URL resolver in Kodi

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Now click on Settings (Gear icon)
  3. Click on System settings.
  4. Go to Expert mode
  5. Click on Add-ons tab
  6. Click on manage dependencies.
  7. Click on URL Resolver to go to Kodi URL Resolver settings and click Update.


What are some of the Popular URL resolver

URL Resolver is one of the biggest reason many repositories and add-ons are successful in the Kodi community. Some of the popular URL Resolvers are:

1. SuperRepo URL Resolver

SuperRepo is one of the most popular repositories because of its add-ons variety and quality of add-ons. SuperRepo has URL resolver integrated with its add-ons and that is the reason its add-ons work so well.

2. Neptune rising URL resolver

Neptune Rising is amongst the best Kodi add-ons that use URL Resolver Kodi for enhanced user experience. Many Kodi add-ons that were working without the URL resolver failed to survive in the industry.

3. Placenta URL Resolver

Placenta is indeed the best fork of Exodus Kodi add-on that works with URL resolver running in its background. Not many forks are developed good enough to work perfectly with such plugin services and tools.

4. TVAddons URL Resolver

TV Addons is the oldest and the biggest player in the Kodi community and indeed the best add-on provider to date. It provides all the latest information related to Kodi and its add-ons though its vlogs and forum. TVAddons had its own repository as well, named as “Fusion”, which was shit dpwn by DMCA some time ago.

URL Resolver add-on has been a vital tool for many Kodi users throughout but when it was recently taken down, users were left distressed. However, like other popular Kodi add-ons, a fork of URL Resolver soon came out and took over the community. It was named as “ResolveURL” and it was developed on the same code as that of URL Resolver.

TVAdd-ons has ResolveURL added in its repository and it is providing it through their GitHub link.


Final Words

Kodi URL Resolver was never prominent and popular amongst many Kodi users because it runs in the background. Users only like to stream through reliable and high quality streaming links, without realizing the core tool that scraps those links for them.

URL resolver gained a lot of attention when it was shut down and users had to face dependency issues. URL resolver has been the main ingredient of success for many Kodi add-ons and without it, survival of those add-ons became questionable.

Nevertheless, the URL Resolver addon is working fine now and its setup zip file can be found on Github. We have briefly covered some of the important facts related to URL Resolver to enlighten its important. For those of you looking for a Kodi URL Resolver fix, you can opt for ResolveURL Kodi add-on.