Roundup Of The Best Kodi Builds, Boxes, Forks, Wizards and Skins For February 2018

Kodi/XBMC is getting popular with its extensive user base. With ever increasing user base there is a rise in the availability of Kodi Addons, Kodi Builds, Kodi Skins, Kodi Wizards and Forks of Kodi. Hence it is getting complex and a hectic task to pick on the best of the Kodi attributes (wizards, skins, addons, builds, forks).

This month we conducted an activity to find out the best user picked Kodi attributes for February 2018. The process of shortlisting the alternates was long but was overall interesting. We surely did not want to miss out any of the following Kodi attribute:

Best of february 2018

  1. Best Kodi Build For February 2018
  2. Best Kodi Box For February 2018
  3. Best Kodi Skin For February 2018
  4. Best Kodi Wizard For February 2018
  5. Best Kodi Fork For February 2018

These are the best user picked attributes for Kodi which are being widely used and trusted by users. The users picked up their favorite alternate among every category present on our website. After which we gathered the opinions to bring about the best of Kodi attributes.

Best kodi builds

Alright let’s head over to the best picks and find out which one is trending for the month of February 2018.


Wookie is the Best Kodi Build For February 2018

Best Kodi build 2018

A build offers great level of customization for Kodi users. These builds comes on with some pre-installed Kodi Addons and Skin which someone must have customized. Our poll included the following alternates for best kodi builds.

  1. Fire TV Build
  2. Titanium Build
  3. Wookie Build
  4. No Limits Build
  5. Schism TV Build

The leader turned out to be WOOKIE, as the best Kodi build. This build comes in 3 different styles: Retro, New look and Lite. These styles mostly have a lot in common. The build brings a very neat interface and with most of the addons you will ever need for movies and even live sports channels.

Matricom Android G-Box Q2 is the Best Kodi Box For February 2018

matricom-g-box best kodi box

Streaming boxes are the life and blood of Kodi/XBMC. These boxes have features which could make you cut your TV cord. Once you have setup the best kodi box, then I bet there is no way you are going to miss your favorite movie, TV show or even sport games.

There are a lot of boxes, some branded some unbranded while some comes as fully loaded, which has Kodi installed within it.

Matricom Android G-Box Q2 embarked the top position among the best Kodi boxes. Nvidia Shield has always been the top choice for most of the android users. But surprisingly G-Box Q2 was able to gain some ground for February 2018.

The G-Box Q2 has been around for a while and was launched by Matricom back in 2016, following to it the G-Box Q3 has also been released. The box is simple yet effective and is a punch at a very fair price.


Aeon Nox Is The Best Kodi Skin For February 2018

aeon nox best kodi skin 2018

A Skin brings about a totally new face to Kodi, while keeping the power of streaming intact. Kodi is great in its original form but a skin would make it even vibrant and brings about tremendous amount of customizations.

Among the best kodi skins following were shortlisted for the users to pick their choice:

  1. Pellucid
  2. Amber
  3. Aeon Nox
  4. Black Glass Nova
  5. Eminence

AEON Nox is one dynamic Kodi skin, and is the most recommended Kodi Skin for 2018. Aeon Nox was formerly launched in 2015 and offers a combination of both ease and vibrancy.

No Limits Is The Best Kodi Wizard For February 2018

No limits best kodi wizard 2018

Kodi Wizards fundamentally are all in one programs which automates the process of enabling or installation of addons or builds. A good wizard can help you sort up the best kodi addons or builds for your ease. For our poll selection following were shortlisted:

  1. Echo Wizard
  2. CellarDoorTV Wizard
  3. SpinzTV Wizard
  4. No Limits Wizard
  5. Brettus Wizard

No Limits Wizard laid no competition and turned out to be the best choice among users due to its most updated URLs and ease of use. Due its fame, No limit’s the wizard slowed down the servers. Unlike other wizards No Limits wizard does not require a password or even a pin.


SPMC Is The Best Kodi Fork For February 2018

SPMC best kodi fork 2018

A fork is originated by using the same code from the original program. All the Kodi forks have been developed on the basis of the original media player i.e. Kodi/XBMC. These forks offer customization according to user needs. All the available forks were enlisted for user choice:

  1. DVDFab
  2. SPMC
  3. Kato
  4. LibreELEC
  5. Xbian

SPMC, without any doubt turned out to be the best Kodi Fork. The fork was developed by former Kodi developer, Koying. This fork is quite popular among Android as this is the only Android fork of Kodi.


To Wrap Up

These were some of the top user picked Kodi attributes for the month of February. We aim to provide the same for the upcoming months of 2018. Hang on and vote for the best of the best Kodi attributes. Leave your comments below to provide any feedback on any of the given choices.


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