Black Friday is just around the corner and discounts are raining on almost everything. All the shopaholics prepare for this time of the year to avail the best discounts on their favorite items including Black Friday VPN deals.

All over the world, discounts are offered on almost every VPN such as PureVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN and others.

In the digital business industry, VPN is the most important tool for many people and binge watchers are the keenest people online, waiting eagerly for the best Black Friday VPN deals.

Online streamers prefer using VPN to bypass geo-restrictions or ISP restrictions and to stay safe from hacking attempts and malwares. Many people are fond of torrenting, which puts them at risk and to avoid facing any legal issues, they hide their identity through VPN.

Every VPN provider offers certain discount offers during the Black Friday season and people wait for these discount offers. Numerous popular VPN service providers have already announced their discount packages.

These discounts are live and can be availed now!

Look out for fake VPN deals for Black Friday 2019

While you are browsing online, surfing the web to find the best Black Friday VPN deals, you will also stumble upon a few fake discount deals. Some websites publish fake discount deals and offers as clickbait and many people fall prey to it. Always refer to reliable blog sites to get the latest updates and information regarding the best VPN deals.

Fake discount deals are easy to spot because you will never see any VPN provider throwing away a nonsense amount of discount percentage. If you see any fake discount deals, stay away from it and spread the word amongst your friends to educate them. Another great way of staying away from such fake deals is by referring to the official VPN provider websites and their affiliate sites.


Features to look out for in the best VPN for Black Friday

There are hundreds of VPN service providers available online but not every VPN service provider can be trusted with privacy and security.

Similarly, every service provider offers discounts but out of them, you should only focus on the top of the line VPN providers.

Another thing to keep in mind are the features that every VPN service provider is offering in their discounted package. Compare the features of all of the best VPN services offered in their Black Friday VPN deal, and then choose the one that suits you best.


VPN Black Friday Discounts – 33% to 91% off the Best VPNs


purevpn black friday vpn deal

Save 88% on your PureVPN subscription

PureVPN is one of the best VPN providers in the industry, offering high-end security and privacy to users. The amazing features of PureVPN make it a highly appreciable service provider. It offers more 2000 than servers from 180+ different geographical locations across the world. PureVPN meets all the needs that a VPN user wishes to enjoy and it has all the features that are essential for sound security.

PureVPN is amongst the market leading VPN service providers, it is also offering a great discounted deal with 88% off on its 5 Year package plan, users can avail this plan for only AU$1.91/mo.

purevpn CTA


surfshark discount for black friday

Save 85% on your Surfshark subscription

SurfShark is not popular only because of its strong and secure protocols but also because of the astounding speed. VPN is commonly used by online streaming geeks and the most important thing beside privacy is the speed of the servers they are connected to. SurfShark has 1000+ servers in 60+ different regions and all of them provide great bandwidth speed.

SurfShark has always been amongst the elite players in the VPN industry and it has come out with a great Black Friday Discount deal, offering 85% discount on its 2-year plan (with 3 months extra). The price of this discount deal has been reduced to AU$2.87/mo and it will cost you AU$69.44 for 24 months.

surfshark CTA

cyberghost vpn deal for black friday

Save 66% on your CyberGhost VPN Deal

CyberGhost has not earned much popularity but the features and services that it offers are remarkable. It has a nice user interface and cool features enabling users of all types to use it as they wish.

Especially for streaming geeks, it has a specific feature of Unblocking website that allows users to unblock Netflix and other online streaming sites that are geo-restricted.

Avail the amazing VPN sale treat offered by CyberGhost in the form of 77% discount on its 2-year plan and enjoy streaming and surfing with over 3000 servers worldwide. The price for the 1-year plan after the discount is just AU$3.97/mo.

cyberghost CTA

nordvpn discount deals for black friday

Save 70% on your NordVPN subscription

The reason behind NordVPN popularity is its unmatched protection and reliability. It has more than 5000 servers worldwide in 62 countries. No other VPN provider has been able to compete this variety of servers. Users trust NordVPN servers because it has never let its users down.

NordVPN is offering a flat 70% off on its 2 years plan on this Black Friday with a price of AU$5.04/mo. That means you can enjoy online anonymity for 3 years + 3 months free by paying AU$182.67 only. NordVPN is an elite VPN service and it has been highly trusted and recommended by many users all over the world.

nordvpn CTA

express vpn black friday deals

Save 35% on your ExpressVPN subscription

ExpressVPN is a top of the line VPN provider and its security protocols and features justify its price. Users who do not wish to compromise on their privacy and are willing to pay for the best service, ExpressVPN is the best choice available for them. It has spread its network to 94 countries, having more than 3000+ servers across the globe.

ExpressVPN does not like to operate like other VPN service providers, which is why it does not offer orthodox packages. Express VPN deals remain more or less the same.

However, you can still avail 35% ExpressVPN discount on subscription of its 12 months plan with further 3 months free. Concisely, ExpressVPN is offering 12 months package at the price of AU$12.01/mo, grossing up to AU$145.32.

expressvpn CTA


Save 40% on your ZenMate coupon deal

Save 79% on your ZenMate coupon deal

ZenMate is a German VPN provider having its roots spread in over 30 countries worldwide. ZenMate claims to be a fast paced VPN and it is true to its claims as its server offer unlimited bandwidth with great speed. ZenMate is a great VPN to choose for online streaming needs and it is reasonably priced.

ZenMate is also a popular VPN provider amongst the online streamers and VPN users. ZenMate is offering a flat 79% discount on its 2-year plan and the price after discount for the this package has been lowered down to AU$2.98 per month.

zenmate CTA

trust zone coupon deal

Save 70% on your TrustZone VPN deal

TrustZone has stepped up in the discount game and it is offering a 67% discount on its 2-year package However, one thing that you will notice is that they have mentioned a discount of 70% on the banner placed on their website homepage. This is somewhat misleading and it can confuse many users. TrustZone should build some trust, at least for the sake of their own name’s reputation. The price for this package is now AU$4.19 per month and AU$100.54 for the complete package.


PIA vpn deal for black friday

Save 67% on your PIA VPN deal 

Private Internet Access has over 3000 servers in 30+ countries and all of these servers offer good bandwidth speed as well as high quality encryption. Private Internet Access always charges fair and reasonable subscription fee and delivers the service that it promises. This is why many users refer using PIA for their privacy and protection.

Private Internet Access needs no introduction and it has always brought the best deals in the market. PIA has reduced price on its 2-year plan by 67% and with the new discounted price you can get this VPN on sale for AU$4.84 per month, meaning that the total sum of 2-years plan is AU$58.08 now.


strongvpn deal for black friday

Save 56% on your StrongVPN subscription

StrongVPN is offering a 56% discount on its annual plan with AU$8.48 per month only. You can also get a refund in 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the service.


windscribe vpn black friday deal

Save 55% on your Windscribe subscription

Windscribe has its network spread up to 55 countries worldwide and it offers highend security to its users. It has a very simple, easy to use client that even a noob can easily use. Windscribe’s performance is unquestionable as the bandwidth offered by Windscribe servers is uninterrupted, making it an optimal streaming-friendly VPN.

Windscribe is offering an amazing discount of 55% on its yearly plan. Avail Windscribe discount deal now and enjoy quality online privacy for 12 months at AU$5.93 per month. It has a free version as well but paid versions are always better, we all know that.


torguard vpn black friday discounts

Save 0% on your TorGuard subscription

TorGuard has more than 3000 servers in 50+ countries offering unlimited bandwidth and allowing 5 simultaneous connections. You can also get 24/7 support through its live chat support any day, any time.

TorGuard has priced its packages at reasonable rates and it is offering users anonymity at AU$14.54 per month and AU$87.30 per year after discount. There are some other packages for Email privacy and Proxy servers as well. Check the TorGuard official website to find out more.


cactus vpn black friday deal

Save 54% on your CactusVPN Annual subscription

CactusVPN is another VPN service that is not well known bit its features and service is commendable. It offers both the VN service as well as SmartDNS, allowing users to choose the product according to their needs. It has a limited number of servers, having only 23 servers in 14 countries but still it works great.

CactusVPN is offering discounts on all of its packages, 40% on monthly, 40% on quarterly and 54% on its annual (1-year) package. The highest discount is on its annual package, which can be availed for AU$55.96 per year.


vyprvpn black friday deal

Save 48% on your VyprVPN subscription

VyprVPN has been making improvements on daily basis with respect to its performance and there is no doubt that many people like this service. VyprVPN has around 2000+ global IPs and 700+ servers all across the globe from 70+ different regions. VyprVPN has all the major features that a reliable VPN provider should have and this is why it is getting popular day by day.

VyprVPN has been in the VPN industry for quite some time now and has earned great reputation for itself. VyprVPN offers a discounted 1-year premium package for only AU$9.70 per month.


tunnel bear cyber monday discounts

Save 58% on your TunnelBear subscription

TunnelBear Black Friday Discount is one hell of a deal to look out for as it has reduced its yearly package’s price by 58% and the discounted price for 12 months package is AU$6.06 per month. Recently the price for this package was AU$14.52 but now it has been reduced by more than half.


ipvanish coupon deal

Save 60% on your IPVanish subscription

IPVanish has taken the market by storm and it is still penetrating through the market aggressively. On an honest note, they deserve the popularity and success they have had because of their top-notch service provision. The best feature that distinguishes it from other major VPN providers is that it allows 10 simultaneous connections. IPVanish is becoming a giant in the VPN market and no one can deny that.

IPVanish is indeed one of the best VPN providers available on the shelf and it has always offered great deals to users. IP vanish is offering a great 60% discount on its 1-year plan. The price of the 1-year package after discount is AU$7.50/mo.


IVPN deals for black friday

Save 44% on your IVPN subscription

IVPN might not be a prominent name for many VPN users but their discount this season is quite prominent, as they have placed a 44% discount on their Annual package. Buy their annual (1-year) package for only AU$12.11 per month.


ivacy vpn black friday deal

Save 87% on your Ivacy subscription

Ivacy is named amongst the reliable VPN providers and its service has been appreciated globally. Its features are great and so is its pricing very reasonable. In this season of discounts, Ivacy is offering a big discount of 87% on its 5-year package. Avail Ivacy discount for only AU$1.95 per month on your 52-years of privacy protection.


vpn deals for private vpn

Save 76% on your PrivateVPN subscription

PrivateVPN is amongst the VPN providers that are offering discounts on their 2-year packages. The discounted package announced by PrivateVPN is of 76%, priced at AU$3.71 per month for 2-years. The best part is that if you are not satisfied with their service then you can get a refund within 30 days.


vpn deal for mullvad on black friday

Save 0% on your Mullvad subscription

Mullvad is another VPN service that provides quality service but it has not been able to gain the popularity like others. However, Mullvad is offering cheap monthly package for as low as AU$8.12.


le vpn coupon deal for black friday

Save 50% on your LeVPN coupon deal

Avail 50% discount on the 12 months package offered by LeVPN and enjoy complete anonymity and protection for AU$86.44 per year. Grab this offer before the season ends. As for its monthly package, there is no discount, which is somewhat concerning as there are users who opt for monthly packages.


azire vpn deal for black friday

Save 60% on your AzireVPN subscription

AzireVPN has announced discounts for both, its quarterly and annual packages. There is a 20% discount on it 3-months package and the price of the package is AU$6.49 per month whereas, it is offering a 60% discount on its 24months (yearly) package and the price per month for this plan is AU$3.25.


viking black friday vpn deal 2018

Save 33% on your VikingVPN coupon deal

VikingVPN might seem to be a little over-priced to many users but they are offering a discounted 1-year package at AU$14.54 per month. Users can make payments via Bitcoins too.


open vpn deal for 2018

Save 0% on your OpenVPN deal for Black Friday

OpenVPN is one of the most popular VPN service because of diversity in both the consumer and business market. OpenVPN is offering its best features with its discounted Yearly plan at AU$35 for 12 months. This is indeed a truly discounted package for all the VPN discount hunters.


vpn traffic deal for 2018

Save 58% on your VPNTraffic subscription

VPNTraffic has also announced its discounted yearly package, competitive to the plan offered by OVPN. It is also offering a 12 months package for AU$50.93 and its monthly package is priced at AU$7.28 per month.


activpn deal 2018

Save 78% on your ActiVPN subscription

ActiVPN is a great service for binge watchers as it has great features and speed. ActiVPN is offering a 78% discount on its 2 years plan and per month fee for this package will be just AU$3.25.


safer vpn deal for 2018

Save 73% on your SaferVPN subscription

SaferVPN is offering two different discount packages; 55% on its 1-year plan and 73% off on its 2-years plan. The best discount is at its 2-year plan, which can be availed at the price of AU$4.79 per month, the total plan fee grossing up to AU$104.42 for 24 months.

However, you can also avail discount at its 1-year plan at the rate of AU$7.26 per month and the total sum you will have to pay by the end of the year is AU$95.87. subscription deal

Save 0% on your coupon, the self-pro-claimed fastest VPN of the world is offering a 0% discount on all of its plans. It has two plans; Premium that offers Unlimited data transfer and Plus package that offers 75GB limited data transfer.

The price for its Premium plan after discount is AU$14.54 per month with 14 days money back guarantee. However, the Plus package price after discount is AU$7.26 per month. This discount will expire in 6 days, so avail it now when you have the chance.


Save on your F-Secure subscription

Save 37% on your F-Secure subscription

F-Secure Freedome VPN has fairly priced subscription plans as compared to its competitors. The best plan F-Secure has for you is its 12-months plan that can be subscribed for AU$8.11 per month.


Save 53% on your Hotspot Shield coupon

Save 53% on your Hotspot Shield coupon

Hotspot Shield is among the most popular VPN providers worldwide and it has been around for quite some time now. Hotspot Shield is allowing VPN users to avail 53% discount on its 1-year plan, so that the users can enjoy safe browsing for the whole year by simply paying AU$11.35 per month only.


Save 64% on your MacSentry coupon

Save 64% on your MacSentry coupon

MacSentry is offering 64% discount on its annual plan and 50% discount on its 6 months plan. Subscribe to its Annual plan for only AU$5.21 per month or its 6 months plan for AU$7.26 before the discount season ends.


Save 30% on your RapidVPN subscription

Save 50% on your RapidVPN subscription

RapidVPN is another good VPN service for people who like online streaming. RapidVPN 1-year plan can be bought for AU$82.80 per year that is like AU$14.61 per month. It also offers a lifetime offer for AU$294.34 which also includes a dedicated IP.


Save 70% on your VPNTunnel coupon

Save 70% on your VPNTunnel coupon

Avail 70% discount on VPNTunnel 1-year plan and enjoy anonymity and security by paying AU$4.35 per month. You can also enjoy using its 3 months plan with a discount of 33% and the price per month for this plan after discount is AU$9.695.38 per month.


Save 33% on your BolehVPN subscription

Save 33% on your BolehVPN subscription

BolehVPN has subscription plans form one week to one year. Its one-week plan costs AU$5.38 whereas its one-year plan costs AU$116.40.


Save 77% on your TigerVPN subscription

Save 77% on your TigerVPN Black Friday Deal

TigerVPN pricing is attractive as they are offering a unique plan of 3-years at AU$7.95 per month only. If we compare it to its 1-year plan, it is priced at AU$14.13 per month.


Save 71% on your ShadeYouVPN subscription

Save 71% on your ShadeYouVPN subscription

Youmight have never heard of ShadeYouVPN but this less popular VPN service is offering a big 71% discount on its 12 months plan. Grab this discount deal at the price of AU$3.39 per month.


Save 21% on your CeloVPN coupon

Save 21% on your CeloVPN coupon

Subscribe to Celo VPN 1-year plan at the price of AU$8.00 per month and enjoy great anonymity and online protection features. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the service within the first 10 days.


Save 50% on your VPNHub subscription

Save 70% on your VPNHub subscription

VPNHub is a new player in the VPN industry but it has earned great popularity in short time due to obvious reasons and you might have also heard of it. Anyways, VPNHub is offering a 70% discount on its 1-year plan and now the price with discount is AU$10.90 per month. Avail the discount to fulfill your personal or business needs.


Save 17% on your OverplayVPN subscription

Save 16% on your OverplayVPN subscription

OverplayVPN might not be a famous or attractive VPN; its discount this season is not attractive either. OverplayVPN is offering just 16% off on its 12 months package and the price of this package is AU$145.45 per year.


Save 37% on your IronSocket VPN subscription

Save 40% on your IronSocket VPN deal subscription

Subscribe to the IronSocket VPN 1 year plan and enjoy 40% discount. Simply pay AU$6.05 per month and enjoy online streaming without any hassles.


Save 48% on your AstrillVPN subscription

Save 48% on your AstrillVPN subscription

AstrillVPN has reduced its price on its 1-year plan and the new price is AU$12.12 per month. The gross bill by the end of the year would be AU$145.37 instead of AU$276.49. This surely is a great offer for VPN users.


Save 75% on your BetterNet coupon deal

Save 75% on your BetterNet coupon deal

BetterNet is famous for its free usage but its premium service is also great. This Black Friday, avail 75% discount on its 1-year plan and pay a total amount of AU$50.93 for 12 months.


Save 70% on your LibertyVPN coupon deal

Save 70% on your LibertyVPN coupon deal

Enjoy a 70% discount on every package offered by LibertyVPN by simply entering the coupon code “SUPER70SPE” and get 1 year plan for AU$157.15 that is AU$13.08 per month.


Save 0% on your AceVPN subscription

Save 0% on your AceVPN subscription

AceVPN is offering low budgeted plans as low as AU$5.66 per month. Keep acing your privacy needs with AceVPN.


Save 54% on your Speedify subscription

Save 54% on your Speedify subscription

Enjoy safe browsing and streaming through fast VPN servers with Speedify by subscribing to their 1-year package for only AU$58.19.


Save 0% on your Avast VPN subscription

Save 0% on your Avast VPN subscription

Avast needs no introduction and it has been a major player in the anti-virus industry. However, Avast is not only limited to that, enjoy a secure online experience and subscribe to its 1-year plan for AU$87.30 only.


Save 40% on your Norton yearly deal

Save 40% on your Norton yearly deal

Norton is also a popular name in the anti-virus industry and it is indeed a reliable service provider. Secure your Wi-Fi with Norton Wi-Fi privacy VPN by availing a 40% discount on its Annual plan. Pay AU$4.85 per month and browse anonymously through your Wi-Fi.


Save 28% on your Cryptostorm yearly deal

Save 28% on your Cryptostorm yearly deal

For all those netizens who love to browse through the dark web or share files that might be prohibited, Cryptostorm is the ultimate choice for them. Enjoy fulfilling your needs by availing 28% discount on its yearly plan and pay a total of AU$75.67 only for 12 months.


5 Best VPN Lifetime Subscription Deal on Black Friday

There are only a few VPN providers that offer lifetime subscription plans, here are 5 best VPN lifetime subscription deals to avail this Black Friday:


Recommended#1 PureVPN Lifetime Subscription

PureVPN is amongst the most popular VPN service provider worldwide and its pricing is always reasonable. Millions of users worldwide trust PureVPN because of its amazing features and reliability. Subscribe to PureVPN lifetime subscription plan for AU$101.85 and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and quick connectivity.

PureVPN has around 550 servers in 141 countries, enjoy surfing the web through your desired server and access any site that you wish.

Recommended#2 VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription

vpn unlimited lifetime subscription deal on cyber mondayEnjoy secure browsing with VPN unlimited for literally an unlimited period with its lifetime subscription plan for just AU$58.19. Browse your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer with VPN unlimited to bypass the geo-restrictions.

With VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription, connect 5 devices simultaneously without any hassle and enjoy safety through 400+ servers across the globe. It has more than 10 languages to help you use the VPN without facing any language barriers. No charges are to be paid for the renewal of VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription plan.


Recommended#3 ZenMate VPN Lifetime Subscription

Save 40% on your ZenMate coupon dealZenMate is among the VPN providers that have been cutting fast through the industry competition and it has started earning good reputation for itself. ZenMate lifetime subscription plan is available for AU$72.74. However, one thing to remember is that ZenMate is not available in China, Saudi Arabia and Iran, due to their strict VPN usage policies.

ZenMate lifetime subscription plan is to be renewed within the first 2 years and this renewal would be free.


Recommended#4 Windscribe Lifetime Subscription

windscribe vpn lifetime dealWindscribe is a complete VPN provider, having a desktop application as well as a browser extension. Enjoy Windscribe lifetime pro plan for only AU$100.41 and enjoy accessing geo-restricted sites and online streaming through high-speed servers.

You can also use and download torrents by using Windscribe as it supports Torrenting protocols. With Windscribe lifetime plan, you can connect unlimited devices and enjoy unlimited data.


Recommended#5 CyberGhost Lifetime Subscription

cyberghost lifetime vpn deal for cyber mondayBecome anonymous like a gist through the quality privacy features offered by CyberGhost. Subscribe to its lifetime subscription plan for only AU$123.68 and enjoy browsing restricted sites without being traced through 1300+ servers around the world.

CyberGhost lifetime package needs to be renewed after every 5 years but this renewal is free of cost and necessary. In this package, there are no bandwidth or traffic limits, so enjoy a hassle free ride with CyberGhost. If you are comparing this with purevpn black friday offer, Purevpn is the winner.



All the best Black Friday VPN deals are out and available now. They will expire soon and trust me; you do not want to miss these deals because you do not get such discounts every day.

While choosing a VPN deal, make sure you compare the features with respect to their discounted prices. All VPNs claim to be top-notch service provider but we all know that is not true. Make sure you properly research about the VPN that you opt to purchase because it will be a waste of money if the service is not up to the mark.