Online streaming is the growing trend of the 21st Century, which needs to be addressed with useful facts and hacks. The streaming industry is evolving with a rapid speed and in this digital age, finding factual, unbiased and useful information is quite a struggle. The industry is saturated with numerous blog sites having reviews and informational blogs but their credibility and reliability can always be questioned.

Keeping this trust factor in mind, we strive to provide our visitors the best possible information we can, related to Kodi and other online streaming platforms. Providing biased reviews or information based on mere assumptions is something we refrain from doing because we do not believe in misleading the users.

We value user’s trust and this is why we always conduct a detailed research over every topic published on our site. Be it any Kodi add-on, Kodi builds, skin or Kodi installation procedures on any other device, we always test them first-hand before publishing their guides.


About is a one-stop source of information for all the Kodi related news, guides and VPN reviews. All of our publications are based on extensive research, testing and assessments without even a fraction of biasness. We have tested every Kodi add-on and VPN mentioned in our guides, to provide information based on our experience.

We do not recommend users anything that we do not find suitable for use. Despite being an earning commissions via affiliate, we do not let our affiliates influence our reviews in any way. We provide true information based on our experience and all the workarounds for problems in our guides are tested before communicating forth.

We are a team of streaming geeks and tech frenzies, who love to share their opinion with other netizens in order to build a well-informed digital community. We value integrity and honesty and this is the sole factor that discriminates from others.


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Arsalan Rathore is a binge watcher and a streaming addict, continuously striving to explore more and more opportunities in the industry every day. Arsalan is an expert Kodi user and is an active member in the Kodi community online. Arsalan Rathore has conducted substantial research related to Kodi and similar online streaming platforms. He likes to publish information that is valuable and based on significant facts.

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Nick is a tech-geek who loves to dive deep into things for the sake of exploration. He has been in the tech industry for a decade now and he has seen the evolution of Kodi in the online streaming industry. He likes to provide his readers a taste of his first-hand experience, allowing them to choose better.