Ares Wizard Shut Down – Best Ares Wizard Alternatives

Kodi third party developers under serious crisis; no more Ares Repository and no more Colossus Repository, looks like MPA-led anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment are on the hunt this weekend. Unfortunately Ares Wizard has gone down today leaving behind some popular Ares Wizard Alternatives.

Developer shutdowns are really starting to be quite upsetting for all the Kodi users, but the fact remains that Ares Repository plus Mucky Duck have now been taken offline. If you’ve missed the craziness over the past few days, third party add-on developers are on the radar and finally Ares Wizard shut down as well.

To bring it to knowledge a repository is a delivery mechanism for add-ons within Kodi. Some are sanctioned legal while some are filled with 3rd party add-ons which provide content through less legal means.

The Ares Project, the group behind the hugely popular Ares Wizard and Kodi repository, has thrown in the towel. 

Soruce: Torrent Freak

What’s going on so what do we know so far, we’ve got a lot going on overnight. The famous developers Lucifier has already retired followed by Alpha whose twitter account does not exist anymore.


This was not enough to put the Kodi users to grief that the famous Ares Wizard has also shutdown.  Ares_Wizard’s Twitter Account has also been suspended.

ares wizard shut down


Mucky Duck has also quit the league of 3rd party add-on which is evident from his recent tweet.


The whole idea of Cord Cutting is to stream and watch content for free. Now these backlashes are scaring users to pay the Cable providers the deserving money.

But let’s cut the panic and lets not be afraid of the storm because the community is strong and there is plenty of Kodi Content from other Repositories and also a lot of Ares Wizard alternatives.


Ares Wizard Alternatives

  1. SuperRepo Repository (Installation Guide)
  2. Noobs & Nerds Repository (Installation Guide)
  3. SportsDevil Repository (Installation Guide)
  4. Kodil Repository (Installation Guide with Covenant Addon)


To Wrap Up

As a matter of fact the developers are putting on their best to bring out the most sought repositories and addons for the users. But such actions are jeopardizing the developer stakes. Hopefully the community will bounce back but fingers would remain crossed for the next 48 hours.

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12 Responses to Ares Wizard Shut Down – Best Ares Wizard Alternatives

  1. Jason says:

    I am just about to buy an android box with kodi builds on it but im not so sure after recent events.
    I trully admire and give thanks to everyone involved in developing kodi. May the force be with you.

    Jedi jay.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Jason,
    You might be just entering this space, but Kodi since it’s launch Kodi has been part of such breaking news. Though it is a sad moment but these shut downs have never lessened the usage of KODI. Unfortunately, there’s no way around sadness, but through it. We are here and will be whenever there is a need for alternatives about everything and anything.
    So Cheer up and get yourself among one of the best android box.

  3. Monkeyman says:

    Big business is turning the tides against the cord cutting rebels. The ability of these “free” content servers to keep up with cordcutter demand notwithstanding, all the legal threats and crap are hindering progress in establishing solid roots. The kodi experience can be frustratingly complicated for average folk, and sometimes even so for the more geeky. When you can spend hours mucking around troubleshooting errors or trying to find a reliable stream. Sorry, but in my opinion this is becoming a lost cause. Money always wins in the end. At least the equipment (Android boxes) isn’t really expensive, so for the times it might work, it’s still worth having around. But as your lone source of entertainment, fuggedabudit.

    • admin says:

      That is true money wins but as these legal threats increases the community will get even stronger to oppose that. We believe in the developers and the users who can make it work around even under such critical scenario. Yes keeping alternatives is the need of the hour but Kodi will bounce back hopefully. What are your thoughts ?

  4. Kev says:

    Fanriffic have a good choice of builds for krypton and Jarvis.

  5. Yoshi says:

    Maybe if there is a program that has the same builds but with a buy option and a way to bypass it that way no one can get sued for pirating content and the powers that be cannot control who hacks what esp since cable and satellite tv can be hacked too

  6. 911 KodiDown says:

    This sucks for everyone… Ares Wizard was also a great way to do simple tweaks to your settings with an easy to use interface that was lightweight and just WORKED…

    I am sorry to see them go…

    BTW .. if they want to dump their full source code… I take a whack at it!

  7. Jorge says:

    The problem I’ve run into is that Ares Wizard asks for the Ares repo to be installed. With the repo down it seems like the app is down unless someone picks up the source.

    • admin says:

      Yes you are right the wizard asks for the repo, but since the repo is installed via a URL which is ought to be missing. Therefore ares wizard alternatives are suggested.

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