1337x Torrents – 7 Best 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites (100% Working As of 2019)

1337x torrents site is one of the best torrent site for latest Hindi movies, English movies and more. The reason behind it is the quality of content available at them and their dependability level. Users do not trust every torrent site and it is so obvious that not every site is safe to use, not unless without the best vpn for torrenting.

However, one of the best torrent site that has always surfaced below the radar of authorities is 1337x torrents.

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Torrent sites provide pirated content and hence they are directly involved in copyright infringement. Downloading such content is illegal and can be risky. This is where a VPN can help you hide your IP and surf safely through encrypted servers.
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It provides high definition movie torrents and its search engine is remarkable in terms of accuracy. 1337x movies torrents are reliable unlike other torrent sites that provide malicious downloads instead of required file.

The 1337x original site cannot be found that easily because it does not appear in the google search results. Nevertheless, the 1337x original URL is mentioned in the guide below, which is online and accessible.

7 Best 1337x Proxies and Mirror Sites

  1. What is 1337x Torrents?
  2. Is 1337x Torrents Down Right Now?
  3. 1337x Torrents Proxy and Mirror/Similar to Sites Working List (Updated 2019)
  4. Is 1337x.to Torrents Safe?
  5. 1337x Movie Torrents – Most Downloaded This Week January 2019
  6. 1337x.to Browser Overview
  7. 1337x Torrent Alternates


What is 1337x Torrents?

Torrent sites have always stay in limelight because of piracy issues and concerns. The pressure exerted by local ISPs, regional authorities and courts results in shut down of torrent sites. But this does not lasts long as they reemerge with new URLS.

Same is the case with the notorious 1337x which is one of the major player in the torrent industry. It has been around for last 11 years in the industry but it reached the height of its popularity when the famous Kickass Torrent bit the dust and this created a great room for 1337x torrents.

The audience that preferred Kickass torrents was forced to look for an alternate and this resulted in shift of focus towards 1337x torrents in the year 2016.

However, the sky does not stay bright for anyone, especially when you are in the torrent industry and that is what happened with 1337x torrents. Its popularity caught the attention of authorities and Google itself took it out of search results by implying a ban. This caused a great hassle for users in searching this site.

This ban was imposed upon the requisition of Feelgood Entertainment; one of the biggest media distributor that work for entertainment giants like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures and many more.

Source: TorrentFreak

Nevertheless, more backlash was received by 1337x almost a year later when the Austrian Supreme Court’s ruling came out but this time it was not alone. Other big torrent name; The Piratebay was also between the two names taken by the court to be blocked.

This ruling given by the Supreme Court was over the case file filed by music rights holders who represent around 3000 global artists like Iggy Azalea, Michael Jackson, Metallica and many more.

Above everything, one thing that seems quite hilarious to me is, despite the ruling of Austrian Supreme Court, 1337x is still accessible in Austria. It is also accessible in other countries like UK, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, India etc.

This is a sign that despite taken down from search results by Google, 1337x is still not that much in the authorities’ cross hair. The official URL for this torrent search engine is https://1337x.to/


Is 1337x Torrents Down Right Now?

No, 1337x is online and performing quite well. Look:

Is 1337x Torrents Down Right Now?

1337x site might be inaccessible from your region but you can easily access it through US servers. Many local ISPs keep blocking torrent sites in their region but 1337x unblock method is very simple. Get a VPN and bypass the ISP restrictions by connecting to a server where torrents are not working.


1337x Torrents Proxy and Mirror/Similar to Sites Working List (Updated 2019)

Mirror sites are something that you will notice related to every torrent site online. If you dig deep into it, you will notice that many of these mirror sites do not even work.

Here are a few 1337x mirror sites that you should know about:



Mirror / Proxy

https://1337x.st Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblockall.org Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblocker.cc Online Mirror
https://x1337x.ws/ Online Mirror
https://1337x.unblocked.bet Online Mirror
https://filesdownloader.com Online Proxy
https://sitenable.ch Online Proxy


Is 1337x.to Torrents Safe?

Users consider Torrent sites as  an unsafe option, because of their pirated content distribution practices and also because of the malwares that enter the user system because of torrent downloading.

To see if 1337x is a safe site to browse, we took a site safety test on Transparency Report by Google and the result is as follows:

Is 1337x.to Torrents Safe?

Hence, we can say that 1337x original site is safe to browse!


1337x Movie Torrents – Most Downloaded This Week January 2019

This is a list of most pirated movies over a period of week. This list is updated every week, therefore you will get the list of best movies to download via 1337x.

10 Most Pirated Movies For The Week 27th December 2018


IMDB Rating

Top Most Downloaded 
Johnny English Strikes Again 6.4  

johnny english

Watch Trailer

Aquaman 7.7
First Man 7.6
Venom 7.0
A Simple Favor 7.0  


Watch Trailer

Halloween 6.9
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle 6.8
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 6.9
The Predator 5.6
Night School 5.5


1337x.to Browser Overview

1337x.to introduced its browser interface back in 2016, after Google took it out of search results. The basic idea is not just to improve the user experience but also to resolve its issue with Google.

The reason behind the ideology that Google might reinstate this new homepage was that this landing page does not feature any torrents, only a search bar.

1337x browser overview

The interface of this browser is quite amazing. 1337x search engine has all the categories lined up just below the search bar and the visibility is outstanding. Further more it does not have ads filled homepage and other torrent categories, which makes it user friendly.


1337x Torrent Alternates

Torrent industry seems to be shrinking as some big players in the torrent game have hung their boots recently. However, many great torrent sites are still online, still shining bright!

In case you are unable to access 1337x movies, due to the ISP restriction or any other reason, you can choose any of these 1337x Alternative:

  1. Yify torrents
  2. Extra Torrents
  3. Limetorrents
  4. SevenTorrents
  5. ISO Hunt



You do not stumble upon such great torrent sites every day and not very great torrent site survives too long. That is one harsh reality of this industry and a pain. This is bore by binge watchers who prefer torrent over online streaming, have to bear.

1337x has made a great reputation for itself and there is no doubt that if it keeps going this way, surviving, it might become the best of best one day!

The reason why I say this is that it is not among the sites that are in the midst of controversy. Anyhow, time will tell what future holds for 1337x, we can only hope for the best.

In case, you are unable to unblock 1337x torrents, simply subscribe to a reliable VPN service, connect to a US server and access the 1337x site to enjoy seamless torrenting.

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